Taylors Restaurant  review comming soon

Taylors Restaurant of Dartmouth

Myself and my partner had the misfortune of (almost) dining at Taylors Restaurant of Dartmouth.

The following is a review of our experience in October 2005.

It should be noted that we would be happy to defend any of the comments via legal process if necessary as every part of the following sorry tale is 100% accurate and truthful. No part of the following review is in any way a negligent misstatement. We would however welcome the opportunity of defending it and the added publicity this would involve.


My partner was heavily pregnant (eight and a half months) so rather than choosing a bottle of wine she selected a small glass of Taylors house wine. As she was not happy at the quality (I also tried it and was not impressed), we requested an alternative. We made it clear that if necessary we would be willing to pay for this. After 15 minutes we approached another member of Taylors staff and reminded them of the request to which they replied that they were waiting for the manager, we repeated that we just wanted an alternative to eat with the starter that was by now almost finished.

When the (owner) manager finally arrived her only concern was that she was gong to charge us for a replacement (we had already offered to pay?) we explained (in a friendly manner) that our disappointment was not having to pay it was that we had now eaten the course that we wanted to have the wine with.

Her reaction rather than apologetic was to ask us to leave in front of the complete dining room (??!!) causing both embarrassment and distress to us both (not an ideal dinning experience!). In addition this also meant that due to the late hour we were unable to find alternative dining that evening effectively ruining our entire evening and also reducing the overall effect of the break. I would be happy to miss a meal but as my partner was heavily pregnant it was far more important for her to eat regularly and well.

Although there was also every opportunity to deal with this matter discreetly and amicably this was not taken nor was any attempt to which can only be described as totally unacceptable. The offer of not charging us for the food eaten was also of no compensation to us.

I have been in business for over twenty years and take pride in the customer service we offer to all our customers, this approach has resulted in several businesses that are now of national size. In my time I have experienced some fairly atrocious examples of customer service but I can safely say this has to be one of the worst.

I make a point in business of being civil and reasonable to both customers and suppliers alike and we were both friendly calm and civil to the staff of Taylors Restaurant at all times. We were even calm after being asked to leave, although for the first time in both our lives this may be because we were pretty much speechless!

This break was a rare and special occasion to enjoy a last weekend away with my partner prior to the birth of our child, which was completely ruined by this 'Restaurant'.

When I receive good service I go out of my way to recommend the business concerned, however unfortunately for Taylor's Restaurant of Dartmouth I also go out of my way to 'review' extremely bad service.

I considered dragging the matter through the courts as regardless of the outcome you can guarantee a healthy level of stress for the other party and my legal background and wealthy status (always a benefit in litigation!) would have made this a tempting option but in the end I thought this was a much better option. I may however still get the chance if they wish to dispute this matter (please do!).

You will have to draw your own conclusions on this restaurant this is simply our own personal experience and I make no judgment on it other than to pass on our own personal experience, what little food we sampled was good and from the look of the meals being served I imagine the main course would have been good as well as was the () wine that I selected. We do not know if the owner was having a very bad day and took it out on us but I can safely say that personally there is not much chance of us ever returning to Taylors Restaurant of Dartmouth, nor wanting to.

Score (Out of 100)
Food: 60/100*
Decor: 80/100
Service: -120/100
Overall experience: 0/100 (average score)

* This may have been higher if we had the opportunity of getting past the starter!

Bon Appetite!